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Have a look on Floating Off-Grid Home Anthénea

Inspired by James Bond’s movie The Spy Who Loved Me. French naval architect Jean-Michel Duacancelle has created Anthénea . The floating dwelling certainly has some nice features including an underwater window and solar power.

floating home

Basically the architect has vision of hotel or spa as we bring to mind the UFO 2.0. but also can be used as a home.

Measuring area of 50 sq m (538 sq ft), it has a raising hatch door for access and visitors find a living area on the ground floor that features a sofa, a minibar, and a window offering views of the sea life below.

off grid floating home


inside floating home

There is a circular bed and a bathroom including two hand wash basin and a bath tub on the ground floor. Stairs lead up to a “relaxation area” that provide sitting space   to a dozen people on a circular sofa.

The Anthénea’s fiberglass shell can handle an impressive temperature range of -30° C to 40° C (-22° F to 104° F), so should be up to scratch. For electricity needs it has a solar panel system also.

ufo 2


life in floating home

It is equipped with a water cleaning system that turns seawater into drinking water. A wood-burning stove, air-conditioning, and a generator for backup power are also installed. The Anthénea can be used as a hotel, or as a home. Electric thrusters are fitted to provide a rather sedate maximum speed of 5 knots (5.5 mph/9.26 km/h) as standard.

off grid living

The recently-completed Anthénea model pictured is on the market for US$535,000 located in Brittany, France. Also watch below video.


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