Lumicene’s Micro Cabin Lumipod maximizes its View

Lumicene is a most innovative aluminum frame manufacturer in France. The firm has been working in collaboration with Saint-Gobain which is famous for its best quality glass products. Thus, LUMICENE is a trusted name in the housing and outdoors.

The firm has now completed its first Lumipod which measures 193 sq ft (18 sq m floor space. The tiny retreat is definitely best suited for great outdoor experience. The LumiPod keeps a bedroom, a bathroom with toilet, a shower and a wash hand basin. The bathroom and a small technical room are located behind  bedroom’s dividing wall .The technical room comprises a hot water heater and wiring.

Specially preserved  through Japanese Shou Sugi Ban technique of burning wood to preserve  and protect it from insects, the exterior is finished in Douglas fir.

The tiny house offers great outdoor views through its wide curved glazing which also helps to take enough sunlight inside. The interior is finished in oak, and most of the available floor space is taken up by the bedroom area. To maintain internal temperature, an air conditioning unit has been installed. The Lumipod must be connected to a hook up however working is continue on off-grid version.

The Lumipod is located in a forest in the French Alps at an elevation of 1,000 m (3,280 ft) which was transported to the site in parts and assembled in two days.

Another model of this tiny house includes 387 sq ft 36 sqm which is equipped with a small kitchen .It comprise a wood fueled stove and a tiny dining area.

Advance booking for the LumiPod is available in Europe and soon will be started within US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. However, there is no word about pricing and shipping.


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