Modular E-Boat DC25 can host 12 Passengers while slicing the High Seas

Founded and owned by Sietse Koopmans, DutchCraft is the sister company of Zeelander Yachts. The shipyards for both companies are located in Groot-Ammers, Holland. The company is introducing the all new DC25 yacht having 8m 26-foot length which can host up to 12 passengers.


The DC 25 is a 134 horse powered (100 kw), smooth drive and almost  no noise boat which is

easily convertible from fishing boat to a superyacht tender or from an open air craft to carrier for goods through  its simple deck-mounted rails.  The boat gets power from built in battery and its maximum speed is 32 knots (59 km/h) for up to 75 minutes or even slowly at 6 knots (11 km/h) for up to six hours.


To operate the boat there is a covered pilothouse behind a glassy windscreen. There is a drop-down transom deck which serves as swimming platform out of the water and through a drop down bow door, it is easy to step directly onto the beach. The carbon fiber has been used in Skelton to minimize its weight through which it can float more easily and smoothly on water. The foldable roof of captain’s house make the boat easier to store and relocate as per owners need.



DC 25 is ideal to relocate cargo, furniture and other things as its open deck is helpful for loading/unloading. The owner can host family and friends by arranging furniture in laterally, longitudinally and in many other ways. For other special purposes the boat is equipped with necessary equipment’s to install fishing pole holder or eight-drive –kit rack.


A latest version with some other unique features is under progress and will serve clients looking for a smart guest shuttle. However the basic price for the DC 25 is €275,000 (US$298,000).


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