Wonderful DIY Tips to Remodel your Kitchen

Kitchen is a most popular place of your home and basic use of a kitchen is to prepare meals, so a small kitchen suits most of the people. However, it is difficult to remodel both small and large kitchen without a smart planning. By following the right kitchen design ideas, your old kitchen can be upgraded nicely without having to spend a lot of money. Check out these DIY ideas to redo your kitchen.

1-Paint on Walls & Cabinets

Apply paint on walls and wooden cabinets in suitable  color combination. Remove peeled off paint from walls and repair cabinets before painting. Apply two or three coats of paints as per requirement.

2-Rearrange cutlery

Rearrange cutlery in such a clever, space saving way to avoid in convince while working at kitchen. Wall hanging kitchen utensils holder are well suited for your kitchen, they create comfort for you.

3-Rearrange snack drawers

Rearrange snack/spices drawer in an organized way to upgrade your kitchen and save space.


4-Display your tableware

If your cabinet’s doors are too old and damaged, you can remove the doors and display your tableware .The tableware kept in open cabinets is easy to carry and looks very adorable.


5-Use of plates as wall decor

Get beautiful decoration pieces by hanging plates on wall. Remaining plates from your old tableware are well suited to hang on wall and they create greet look.

6-Replace dated Flooring & Dado

Change old/damaged flooring/dado with new to add grace to your old kitchen. However if they are not too old and usable, clean them using chemical which are easily available at market.

7-Replace dated Plumbing Pipes

When the walls are exposed replace/repair dated plumbing pipes and other fixture if required.

8-Rearrange lighting

Play with lights to give new look to your old kitchen. Better lighting on suitable places put better effect on your mood and work.


9-Role out kitchen shelves

Roll out kitchen shelves are trending now a days. These are space saving, economical and easy to use.

10- Add Some New Appliances

Add some new appliances to upgrade your traditional kitchen but pay within your budget. Replace old appliances with modern appliances as per your need and choice.

11- Clean/Replace Backsplash

Clean backsplash to remove grease, oil and detergent stains. If old backsplash is not usable, you can remove backsplash and install a new backsplash to increase beauty of your kitchen.

12-Utilize Daylight

If your kitchen keeps a window with bad location replace it at suitable place to create a feeling of wideness, brightness and help to maintain air quality in the kitchen.

 All  images taken from Pinterest


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