Nestron reveals its earthquake-resistant Tiny Home Cube One

A prefabricated one room home has been introduced by Singapore- and China-based design studio Nestron called cube one. In low price, the home offers some durable and latest features. The Cube One can face natural disasters such as earthquakes and 99 percent less water than ordinary building techniques are used in fabrication. Furthermore the home is constructed following fireproof standards.

Measuring 18 x 9.5 x 9.35 ft (5.5 x 2.9 x 2.85 m) tiny house is made using termite proof material having 7000 kg weight. The cube one is made in a  galvanized steel structure including best quality internal insulation to face different types of weathers.90 percent recycled materials are used in construction of living area and tempered glass is fitted in windows. To avoid termite issues compressed timber panels are used.

The living area offers a double bed a sofa and a wall mounted TV. Corner kitchen includes stove, range hood, elevated cupboards, a bar counter and a sink. Bathroom is complete with water closet, wall mounted shower and a small washing machine. However, transparent glass door has been provided in bathroom.

It keeps some modern home features like air conditioning system, entertainment system, LED lighting and voice control system connected with lighting system.

“[Cube One] is a new generation of Tiny Living,” says Nestron. “Each house is fully prefabricated, delivered in ready-to-live formula and comes with built in AI assistants and green-energy sources.”


Buyers have the option to upgrade by adding composite toilet, rooftop solar panels and electric-heated flooring. However, the cube one is not suitable to be used in wintry or heavy rainy season.

“From single youths to large families, there is a constant high demand for small-sized, low-cost, flexible and simple houses,” says Nestron. “This is where the idea for C1 came to be. Smooth lines and modern design make the Cube series suitable for large-scale use in modern urban environments. With interiors, exteriors and colors that can be personalized, the Cube series is dynamic and unique – just like a Rubik’s Cube.”

The Cube One base model starts at US$30,000 having a 15-year warranty. The turn-key tiny house will be available for sale however there is no word about first delivery.


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