Swiss Army Caravan Romotow is near to Completion

Having its setup in Christchurch, New Zealand, W2 is a New Zeeland based architectural firm providing services in both structural and architectural designing. After research and effort for about eight years, the firm has finalized the design of fold-out caravan called Romotow.

The basic purpose is to create a pull able stylish luxury living space enabling you to enjoy the amazing views of spot you found. It is light weight, economical and durable way to experience great outdoors.

To maintain its weight, the basic structure of the caravan is built from carbon fiber and composites. The Romotow can bear about 3,500 kg (7,700 lb) weight. Unfinished interior pictures in the gallery shows acrylic countertops and teak joinery .The cabin is rotatable out of the main structure, providing you elongated or L shaped camper with an elevated deck. This is a low –footprint camper with aerodynamic properties.

It comprise an elegant rounded couch in the living area which can be used as  another bedroom for sleep at night and several pull-out  sun shades enables you to maintain internal temperature /light.   A toilet, a large window at front side and a smart solar power system are also provided .Furthermore, for trouble less travelling, special locks are installed in the camper’s structure.


According to W2, the camper will be ready to display within months in Tauranga, New Zeeland and production will be started in the middle of this year as per demand of customers but there is no information about its price.




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