Off-grid Tiny House from Rocky Mountain has some surprises inside

Having its workshop and office in the foothills of the great San Juan Mountains in Durango, CO, Rocky Mountain is famous for designing and building of tiny houses.The company has introduced a new tiny house with ordinary look but keeps some unique features. Based on a triple axle frame, the all new tiny house keeps 7.9 meter (26 feet) length which is finished in cedar siding, with corrugated metal accenting.

To support off grid living, the home gets power from a roof-based solar panel system which is connected to batteries kept in the bathroom storage area.

The house  offers an elevated bed, lounge area, kitchen, a home projector and a bath with Jacuzzi style bathtub. Furthermore, a stainless steel sink, laundry area and a built in water tank has been provided for troubles living.

The Bradford 26′ Tiny House includes one bedroom with a typical loft-style bed accessible by a storage-integrated staircase. The bed room is topped by a large skylight and has a storage area also. Visitors can enter into house through an elevated platform.

Lounge area provide enough sitting space and this area can be used for sleeping also. Above the window and behind the sofa, there is a projector with pull able screen for a complete entertainment experience.

Kitchen is located next to lounge area which includes a breakfast bar and a large counter. A double burner cooktop, a built in fridge and a combi-steam oven are also provided in the kitchen. Storage area is attached to kitchen that keeps storage shelves for cutlery.

Adjacent is bathroom that keeps a flushing toilet, a sink, and a Jacuzzi-style jetted tub. For water storage, there is a built in water tank with 60-gal (227-l) capacity. The designer has provided a music player with LED screen in bathroom.


Introductory price of the Bradford 26′ Tiny House is US$119,000 which includes solar gear.

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