How to make a Slingshot DIY Tutorial

To sustain in the countryside planning, creativity and art of using natural resources is essential. Obviously, you have to utilize the things find around you. In this article I will brief my respectful readers how to make a DIY slingshot. The procedure is super easy to follow, so let us start.

1-Find a Y shaped suitable sized and strong branch of tree from forest. Cut it at suitable length and allow it to dry. Carve notches at upper side to hold slings firmly   and make its surface smooth.

2-Take an old tire tube of your car, make 2 pieces having 10 inch x ¾ inch size by cutting it with scissor. Also make 4 pieces (strips) having 5 inch x ½ inch size to bind it on wooden piece you make.

3-Take a leather piece having size 2 inch x ¾ inch from local store which have holes on both sides to hold strips of tube for binding. Leather piece serves as pouch to hold ammunition inside.

4-Bind tube strips on upper side of Y shaped wooden piece on both sides and then with leather strip considering the each strip have equal length.

5-Now your sling shot is ready, for ammunition steel/plastic balls, ground and marble stones are suitable. Take smooth and large stones as they can target far spots.

Keep ammunition inside of leather pouch pull sling and hit the target.

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