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3 Clever Ways to Organize Your Kitchen

Pots and pans are one of the most used and essential items in the kitchen. But when you talk about storing and organizing them, it gets annoying to store them properly especially when you have a small kitchen space, and if not properly organized the entire kitchen looks like chaos and clutter.

A properly organized kitchen not only looks pleasant, catches the eye but it adds to the ease when you cook something as you can find anything you need perfectly organized and well placed. Imagine you are cooking for guests and the kitchen is so cluttered and messy that you have to spend half of your time finding things. Here are some simple and clever ways to organize and store things in your kitchen to make it look organized, nice, and clean.

Install a Pan Organizer Rack

Pan Rack Organizer

I assume you store your pans stacked on top of each other Right? Now, what happens when you need the bigger pan and it’s the last in the stack. You have to remove all on top to get the last one. Two things happen when you store and use pans this way.

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First removing pans from the stack will result in scratches all over and secondly, it consumes time. The simple solution is to install a Pan Organizer Rank in your kitchen where you can store your pans in the rack independent of the other and you can easily remove the one you wish to use.

Store Bulky appliances separately

Kitchen Items Organizer

The second way to have an organized kitchen is that you store similar stuff in the same place. You should not keep trays with cups and glasses, plates with spoons, pans with bowls together. Every item should have a dedicated space.

Appliances that are a little bulky such as a rice cooker, bigger cooking pots should be organized in a separate box or you can even store them above the cupboard as these appliances are not regularly used.

Some manufactures make compact cookers such as Zojirushi rice cooker so in case you have one that is easily portable and storable. Storing these appliances with regularly used tools and gadgets is only going to add in your troubles while cooking.

Drawer Divider

Drawer Divide Organizer for Kitchen

If you happened to have deep drawers in your kitchen, you can organize your pots by adding some sort of divider. You can buy dividers from the market but if you are on a tight budget you can make your own dividers from cheap foam that will do the same thing.

Just cut the foam board according to the required sizes and stick them into the drawer. This will create a separate storage area for specific pots. You can store roasting pots in one section while frying or sauté pans can be stored in the other section.

Other than the above-mentioned tricks you can add hooks in the cabinets to hang pan lids. You can as well add screw-in hooks to hang pots and pans; slider storage is another fancy option that you can use to keep your kitchen well organized. A well-organized kitchen not only looks nice and clean but it makes your cooking experience pleasant and comfortable.

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