Fairy Lights

How To Properly Put Outdoor Trees Fairy Lights

Festive season or not, lighting the trees outside always gives your house a whole new vibe and fills the area with positive energy. But as lighting experts Fusion Lighting say “ outdoor trees fairy lights could be a little tricky to install and maintain”.

So here are some ways you can easily put outdoor lights on your trees.

What Are Fairy Lights?

Fairy lights are easily available, low cost and a beautiful set of lights is often used to light up the trees or room décor. These are tiny bulbs coming in various colors attached to a single wire. Popularly known as Christmas lights too.

Ways To Light Up the Trees Outside

Wrapping Lights Around Tree Branches


When it comes to hardwood trees, wrapping the lights around their branches is one of the best ideas to pick up. The classic Christmas look would deliver a whole different ambiance to your surroundings.

Then, of course, there are battery-operated fairy lights which would avoid most of the wiring issues for you. Still, you can go for wired and power-operated lights too.

Using a Ring Connector

Ring connectors always make it to all the fairy lighting lists. They are extremely useful and handy. Ring connectors basically add more flexibility to the décor.

They are placed in the middle of the tree, and all the fairy lights go out in different directions, making it the source. This is one of the popular styles. If you wish to switch it up a little, you can obviously try different variations as well.

For example, some people prefer to put the ring connector on top of the tree, and the lights then hang from it. This adds a classy look and is considered easier to put up. Ring connectors make installation a lot easier while keeping the look intact.  

Draping Lights Around the Outside of a Tree

This is the traditional way of wrapping the tree from the bottom to the top. It is simpler but would probably need more lights since you have to wrap the entire tree from the bottom up.

We would recommend that you choose wire-connected fairy lights because you have more control over the length of those lights.

Using Net Lights on A Tree

Finally, we came to the net lights. These are a sub-division of fairy lights where the curation is done in a net style rather than a classic wire style. These are not technically wrapped but hung on trees.

Net lights look exactly like any other normal net, and you would simply hang them down from the tree like a net. Net lights add a different flavor and style as it is not as common as the usual lighting.

You would have to be careful when picking these lights since it would need measurements of the area you want to put them on. Installation is quick and easy.

Things To Take Care Of


Consider buying good quality fairy lights that can withstand the weather. Depending on your location and when you decide to put up the lights, the weather would play an important role.

This will also help you decide which style to choose because net lights might not be the best option in windy areas.


Wiring is crucial, and whether battery operated or powered, lights are still electric, and current still passes through them. So ensure proper wiring, which is safe for the people.


Setting up lights on outdoor trees is fairly simple than ever, with various options available. However, be careful and do your research to not regret making the purchase and rather cherish the lighting for days to come.

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