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Turf Price Guide – How Much Does Artificial Grass Cost?

In the times when we strive to make the most out of anything we have, the artificial grass trend has picked back on. Turf expert Sydney Lawn And Turf say that with the lowest maintenance and easy installation, artificial grass turfs are people’s favorites when decorating their houses.

But is it just a decoration or an investment? Here is a turf price guide that will answer these questions!

What Is a Turf?

Turfs are alternatives to grass and can exist in places where grass cannot grow or be maintained ideally. They are not completely artificial, so they need sunlight to survive. Mainly occupies smaller areas in the house.

How Much Does a Turf Cost?

There is no set price for the turfs. Different companies have different varieties, which all range differently. You need to first set your requirements and accordingly search for the ideal turf in that price range. These are some factors that will affect the cost of the turf:


One of the key factors that will decide the overall cost of your turf would be the size of the installation. The bigger the area, the more would be the cost. This is measured by the square foot.

Type and Quality

Different brands provide a variety of turfs in the market. Their prices vary first, based on the type of turf you wish to purchase and from which particular brand/company. Secondly, the quality of the turf would be the decider of the price.


Depending on the size, type and quality, the installation would vary. The number of people involved in the installation would also affect your final cost. This installation would include removing any existing turf, preparing the ground, rolling the artificial grass out, trimming the edges, and grooming the surface with brooms.


Different cities/states/countries have different taxation policies. Depending upon this, the turf price would change, maybe lower or higher.

Why Get an Artificial Turf in Place of Real Grass?


So why should you get artificial turf and not actual grass? Well, here’s the answer to your question. With that, here you can check how to decorate your home with artificial plants.


You don’t realize the amount of water you would save by having artificial turf. It does not require daily watering like actual grass does to survive.

You don’t need any kind of mowers or trimmers to take care of the lawn since the turf does not need it. So no sort of fertilizers come into the picture.

Electricity bills would also be low since you are not using these mowers and trimmers.


While natural grass needs a particular kind of surface to grow and flourish, artificial turfs have no such requirements. They can be installed in almost any environment and would give you the same results. If the ground is properly prepared, installation becomes super easy.

Natural grass would take months to grow into its beauty. In contrast, artificial turfs take the limelight from the very first day.


This is how you decide the price of your turf. You need to consider all the factors that we mentioned above because what might seem cheaper in some areas could be expensive in your city due to taxes.

There is no set price for the turfs, and all these factors highly affect it. Hope this article helped you understand the pricing of artificial turfs. Please make sure that you do research before purchasing any kind of turf. Thank you!

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