pallet board walker

DIY Pallet Walk Board

In this rainy season, when I planned to go to a vacation, the fatigue and monotony of my hectic routines transformed into pleasure and amusement. I met all relatives, visiting different planes, do hotel ling parties and just having fun all day.

But all my leisure and my hilarity vanished suddenly when I put my first step into my garden.

My pretty and full green garden converted into a pond full of mud and smelly water all over. On seeing this, I stand still for a while after realizing that I am standing in my own garden I looked here and there dry space to put my steps on.

But only I found sludge. I saved myself many times to drop into this my new own made mire. My feeling of anguish still continues when I entered my home with this blessing of nature. My shoes completely filled with smelly muck and leaves, my suit color tainted drastically and I standing in the entrance with a thought to mess my home more or not.

At that moment I decided to make some solutions to sort out this situation in future. And my only easy solution is Pallet BoardWalk.


I brought the Pallet Panels and put in such a way to make a route from my house entrance to my gate. Hoping not to countenance so much spoil and misery in future. I felt very contented and cheerful on my own creation. It gives not only my bliss but also save my costly grass and beautiful flowers. My own stunning garden returns.


it depends on you choice hoe big you want to make your Pallet BoardWalker.

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