pallet play house build from wooden pallets

DIY Cool Kids Pallet Tree House

Do your kids like play house built around the tree in your home backyard. If yes! Then you can build your own pallet house for your lovely kids. A pallet tiny house can be easily built around the tree as tree provides central support to the structure. Pallets are again very suitable to build a lovely pallet play house.

Pallets are easy to find in your home scrap, backyard or can be purchased from nearest hardware house which they use while shipping the materials. If you have some free moments at coming weekend then you can enjoy it as weekend family pallet project. You just required wooden pallets and steel nails. Wooden Pallets can assembled using DIY pallet assembling skills.

The most suitable place for your pallet tree house is backyard under the tree. Pallets are assembled/fixed around the tree as per space available and a bucket/pulley also hanged there for different use by your kids. It also includes ladder, sliders and plastic/wooden stair so that kids can easily access pallet cool play house. Not only your kids enjoy it but the whole family can enjoy it together.

pallet play house build from wooden pallets

DIY Pallet family weekend project

DIY cool pallet play tree house

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