Outdoor tiny house

Pond House


The recently completed pond house at Ten Oaks farm is located on a large rural plot in Southeast Louisiana, USA created by Louisianan Firm Holly and Smith Architects, the stunning home boasts an enviable blend of luxury and energy efficient design in a bid to reach net zero energy utilization.


Pond House covers a total floor space of 1,250 sq ft extend over three floors, and is defined by an angular form and two protruding volumes. The home is beautifying with limestone-textured stucco and poly carbonate panels, and the real art of architects presented, when at night whole house is illuminated like lanterns due to these panels.


The interior layout is most appealing. The first floor embraces an outdoor space with fireplace with outdoor kitchen, while the second floor includes a living room, kitchen, and dining room. The bedroom and terrace is at the top. A high-end finish is installed throughout, and the uncovered aluminum and glazing contrasts adequately with the wood and utilitarian poly carbonate panels.

To runoff rain water and utilize maximum sun light, pond house roof has constructed with 14 degree sloping roof. So to plan a wedding ceremony, birthday parties or family get together or just to calm your tensed nerve’s , only possible way is to plan these most nature pond houses.


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