Prefabricated Tiny House Tenzo can host a Family of Six

In-tenta is a creative studio based in Barcelona, Spain  established in 2012 by designers manel duró and marta gordillo which is a popular architecture setup within Europe.



Most of tiny houses are being designed for maximum four individuals however In-tenta has fabricated a tiny house which provide sufficient living space for a family of six. Easily relocatable tiny house dubbed Tenzo keeps 430.5 Sq ft (40 Sq m) internal area which offers three-bedrooms and two luxurious bathrooms.





Tenzo is a prefabricated tiny house in which the architect has wisely added space saving features measuring 32 ft x 13.45 ft (9.75 m x 4.10 m). The home features open living space, a kitchen with all necessary accessories, three bedrooms and two bedrooms.There is a master bedroom with large windows for wider outer views, second bedroom with two single beds and third bedroom with berths. Two of bedrooms include hidden storage compartments beneath seating and two bedrooms come equipped with built in wardrobes / storage space.


The Tenzo interior design unified the use of sliding doors to extend space however the living room and master bedroom have traditional full sized   glazed doors that open outwards to create feeling of wideness.

There are large exterior wooden terraces provided  with planter boxes and sunshades for inhabitants to spend more time outsides .The sliding kitchen window opens up to adjoin the kitchen counter-top with an outdoor bar to easily  serve eatable outside.


One bedroom is attached to master bedroom and other bathroom is cleverly hidden behind the kitchen cabinetry. Additional interior elements include the built-in sofa bench that is linked with the dining table and built-in L-shaped sofa in the lounge area, both featuring hidden storage compartments beneath the seating.


The tenzo tiny house is available only in Europe for holiday rental use with a minimum purchase of eight units and there is no word about its price.



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