Deliveries are planned to late 2020 for Ultra Flexible Tiny House Casa Ojala

IB Studio is based in Milan which is specialized in distinguished renovations of farmhouses, country homes, beach houses and apartments. The firm’s portfolio includes other types of projects such as a chain of restaurants in Japan, hotels in the Umbria region and a winery in the Tuscany region, for which the firm was awarded American Architecture prize in 2016.

The firm has recently designed a nice looking tiny house dubbed Casa Ojala with minimum impact on ground. It is a non -tow-able tiny measuring 290 Sq ft (27 Sq m) area which keeps convertible properties. This is a prefabricated project which will come in plenty of colors and materials.

Casa Ojala comprises main living area, a bedroom with double bed, another bedroom with single bed, toilet area and a terrace which is accessible from an inside ladder. Furthermore, it includes a bath tub also.

The inhabitants will be able to convert entire home into open space or to create bathroom in place of living room, all this is possible through a system of pulleys and cranks. The architect has wisely added moveable furniture which can be pull for use or keep them hidden under the floor.

To run off-the-grid, the Casa Ojala is electrified with solar power system. There is a bio ethanol stove provided in kitchen and rain water /grey water purification systems are also included.

The initial model was under progress and worldwide deliveries were planned to be made at late 2020   but due to Corona disaster, we are not assured about production status at this time. There is no information about expected price, but those interested can get in touch with the firm for latest information about booking and production.

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