Recycling old Tennis Rackets DIY Ideas

If you like DIY, arts and crafts then by using some simple and creative methods you can re-purpose your old tennis racket. I want to give you some ideas in this article to do the job. There are many ways to recycle your old tennis racket, here are some easy and simple options. After you re-purpose racket, you can add your favorite paints for an amazing look.

1-Embroidery on racket

Using embroidery thread and needle you can create some beautiful embroidery on your racket net. This will be a pretty wall hanging show piece for a more welcoming look of your room. Furthermore, more than one racket can be utilized to get an amazing look of wall.

2- Looking mirror

The strings of the old racket is loose and it is not difficult to remove it. Now add a looking mirror inside it. Local skilled person can cut the mirror according to size of the racket and fix it inside. Now, hang it on wall at suitable height.

3-Photo Frame

This idea is same as described above. Just fix normal photo frame inside or cut the photo in circular shape to fit inside it then hang it on wall at suitable height.

4-Friendship bracelet

Remove the nylon strings of your racket and make a friendship bracelet by arranging them in a beautiful way. Join together both side with a silver magnetic clasp. This is a nice, durable and waterproof bracelet for your friend.

5-Wall clock

Fix a clock inside your racket and hang it on wall to get an energetic and handsome look of wall.

6-Award Shelves

Do your old tennis racket according to this image to get award stand that suits very much in your room.

7-Key and jewelry organizer

Hang your old tennis racket on wall at suitable place and drive some nails to get a multipurpose, useful holder. They may be hung vertically or horizontally according to your choice and need.

8-Wall decorating

Hang your old tennis rackets on wall at suitable height in a sequence according to your favorite theme to get more welcoming Wall look.

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