DIY Modern Key Holder

Simple Creative Key Holders

Key holders are very useful things in the house because of the few reasons that we have to mention.  One of them is that they give special identity and character to home , second reason is that they are really beautiful ornaments and the last one is that your keys will be always on visibly place so you will never lose time looking for them when you are in hurry. You can make key holder for all family members.

Ideas for making  interesting and creative places for keys will blow your mind and you will hardly be able to wait to start with this working action. You have so many options for this project like creating a key holder using old frames, wooden plank, boards and all other useful materials.

To make elegant key holder use old frame. First paint frame with bright colour that fits into interior of your department then make some flowers using materials and find one beautiful feather to look more enchanting and vintage. For modern and chick holder use pink colour and decorate with flowerpot. When you finish with design and embellishment of key racks put the hooks on it.

You can make key holders in your children room and create them more funny with some kid motives. Use different colours and draw flowers for your girl’s room, or use rubber animal toys for boy’s room. Cut animals on half and stick one part with strong glue. For rustic and wood creation of holders just cut wooden pallet in shape that you want and attach with nails. Also you may make mustache key rank, driftwood colorful holder or some funky design.

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