Clay Bunny bowl for Easter Celebration

Simple DIY Clay Bunny Bowl for Easter

How to make clay bunny bowl for EasterIt’s time to decorate your home for Easter celebration as Easter is not far. There are so many ideas to celebrate Easter at its best; today we’ll discuss how to make funny clay bowls for Easter. You’ll need air dry clay, acrylic craft paint, a rolling pin, a sharpie oil-based paint maker, paintbrush sandpaper and glass bowls. First roll out air dry clay on smooth surface like parchment paper. Roll to thickness of ¼ inch. Put bowl top side down on clay. Now cut around edge of the bowl using knife. Then lift clay gently and cut out as long oval shape of the remainder of the clay you’ve rolled out. Now cut it in two half piece to create bunny ears. To finish the bowls, read the tutorial here.

Clay Bunny bowl for Easter Celebration

Cool Homemade Clay Bunny bowl

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