DIY to make rosewater at home

DIY Rosewater makeover

In this summer my goal is to use more natural products for my skin and health. Of course bouquets and lavender are my favorite. I like them to have on my table early in the morning. However I’m in a process to stretch them further to make natural products from them. One DIY project from them is how to make rosewater. Rosewater is widely used for skin care in all over the world. It refreshes your skin and gives a healthier and younger look plus nice fragrance. It can be also used to rinse hair and as linen spray.


Fresh Roses

Clean Glass jar

Distilled water


Put the water and boil it well. Clean the jar with boiled water as you don’t want bacteria in your rosewater. Now wash the roses gently to clean away dust and dirt on them. Gently pick the petals and put them in jar. While you boil the water, carefully pour hot water over rose petals. Seal the jar and let it soak for 24-48 hours. Strain your water and return it to the jar. Store it in refrigerator. Use the rose water for natural and healthy skin. This DIY project is about rosewater makeover at home.

Easy DIY rosewater

How to make Rosewater

DIY to make rosewater at home

How Do You Make Rose Water

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