DIY Painting a trash Can

Simple Trash Can Makeover

Everyone needs one or more trash can at home as it’s used to store wastage for few moments and then dispose it. Are the trash can you have are pretty or not. If not then what’s about to renovate the trash cans so that they look stylish? we have cool DIY idea to renovate your trash cans. Supplies are simple-you’ll need a gold leaf, mode podge, snake print and wrapping paper. First tape the numbers off a few times and re-paint to make sure that there wasn’t any bleeding from white or black paint. Wrap them with snake print wrapping paper inside the can and use gold leaf and mod podge. Color the top and bottom rims of can and little stubby legs as well with Krylon 18 kt gold leaf pen. Now it’ll look really cool and stylish.    

how to paint a trash can

DIY Painting a trash Can

Easy Trash Can makeover

Rustic trash can makeover

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