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5 Small Changes that Make a Big Impact at Home

When the need to upgrade your home arises, you may feel the zeal to carry out a full-blown renovation. However, more often than not, you can beautify your home by making small purchases and changes here and there.

Unlike typical home renovation, which costs an average of $15,000 to $200,000, these little changes are affordable. The best part? If done right, they can make a big impact on your home.

Here are five small changes that can turn your home from bland to attractive without spending a fortune on an extensive renovation.

1. Change Your Switch Plates

Don’t want to spend a fortune on a home renovation? Consider changing your switch plates, one of the most used appliances.

When changing your switch plates, go for something different from the typical white or pale neutral color used in most homes. You can decide to play with a few attractive colors, patterns, or materials.

To cut your expenses further, you can decide to change these plates yourself. However, if you can’t, you can call in a professional. It’ll cost you around $100 to $200 to install new switch places. Of course, the price depends on your choice.

2. Add a Door Knocker

People may argue that small changes don’t make a huge difference. While this may be true for some goals or tasks, it’s usually not the case when it comes to beautifying your home.

Installing a door locker on your door is one of those small changes that can make a huge impact on the appearance of your home.

Of course, not all visitors will use this small hardware. Regardless, it can still enhance your door’s appearance and give your entryway style and personality while also providing visitors a means to notify you of their presence. Ensure you go for an attractive door knocker, preferably one that matches your door.

3. Change Your Shades

Don’t have window shades? Or are you still stuck with traditional curtains? Getting modern shades can improve the aesthetics of your room, help you save money on energy bills, and protect you from sunlight glare.

However, if you have one that is out of style, you may want to consider upgrading it. Modern shades like soft roman shades can add warmth and sophistication to your room. They boast of features that can complement any design and personality.

4. Change Your Doorknob

We grab doorknobs and handles many times daily. Whether it is the doorknob of your entry door, or the door handle of your kitchen door, changing this hardware to something more modern, unique, and attractive can make a huge difference.

When shopping for the ideal doorknob, ensure you consider functionality. Whichever doorknob you settle for eventually should be easy to grab and attractive to the eyes.

5. Change Your Lighting

Your lightning can dictate a room’s ambiance and appearance, especially at night, making it one of the most important fixtures in every home. Obviously, swapping old lightning for modern and attractive ones can make a huge difference in your room, whether in style, mood, or radiance.

When choosing the lighting for your rooms, we advise going for one that transmits a warm tone. For your sitting room, you can go for a modern chandelier, paper shade pendant, sculptural sconces, etc. Installing new lighting should cost you between $75 to $2500, depending on your choice and the nature of the wiring.


The little money in your bank account shouldn’t stop you from renovating your home. Not all home renovation requires expensive additions and decorations.

With the little tips above, you can transform the look of your home without breaking the bank or taking a loan. Sometimes, little upgrades make huge differences.

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