Easy DIY photo ledge shelf

How to Make a Photo Ledge? – DIY Photo Ledge

So you do not want to buy a photo ledge from the market? Yes, it’s right why to buy an expensive picture ledge when you can make a DIY photo ledge at a low cost. A beautifully designed photo shelve will enhance the look of your living room plus it will help in recalling the great memories. Today, this article will show you a step-by-step guide on how to make a photo ledge, even if you are not a DIY person.

Easy DIY photo ledge shelf

Materials needed for DIY photo ledge shelf

  • (2) 1×4 x 4’ pine boards
  • (1) 1×2 x 4’ pine board
  • stain + cloth
  • gloves
  • wood glue
  • trigger clamps
  • finish nails
  • hammer
  • drill + bit
  • 1” wood screws

Step1- Stain the Wood

Start by gathering all the woods together, and colored them all. You can choose any color that you like. Dark & cool-toned, Gray color, and White-washed wood colors are the most popular these days. Staining the wood is not difficult. Pour the stain in a small quantity on each board and wipe it off with the help of a cloth.

DIY photo ledge

Step2- Glue up the boards

After staining the wood, wait for the stain to dry. Now take one 1×4 board and glue the one edge. Attach this glued piece to the front edge of the other 1×4 board lying flat. In the next step, apply the glue on the top side and attach the 1×2 on the top with the bottom board. Keep in mind that it should look like a “J” shape.

how to make a picture ledge

Step3- Secure with nails

Leave it for one night and let it dry well. Remove the clamps and secure 1×2 with nails. The next step is to make the ledge further secure. For this, make a pilot hole and secure it with 1-inch wood screws. Decide the place where you want to install this photo ledge. Drill in a straight line via the backboard to the wall. Install it on the wall using the 2-inch wood screw. The critical thing to keep in mind, use the screws that can carry as much weight as you want on a photo ledge.

how to make a picture shelf
DIY photo ledge idea

Step4- Display your family photos

You made it! All you need to do now is place your favorite photos or moments on this DIY picture ledge. If you have installed this in your bedroom, do not forget to display your wedding pictures and family gathering moments.

Easy DIY photo ledge shelf

Easy DIY photo ledge shelf

I hope you have liked this easy DIY picture ledge idea. Try this on the upcoming weekend and save hundreds of dollars.

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