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History of Multimeter and Why We Need Smart Multimeter for DIY Tasks?

A multimeter is a device that can measure the current, voltage, and resistance of an electrical device or an electric circuit. Every electrician carries a multimeter with him as he often needs to measure these values. A multimeter will not fix any electrical device, but it helps in detecting if there is any problem related to an electric circuit. So, it is good to use in any electrical emergency.

History of Multimeter

Like anything else, multimeter also evolved over a time of 100+ years. The initial multimeter (invented in 1920) was an upgraded form of a galvanometer that was invented in 1820. This very first multimeter was able to measure current in amperes, volts, and resistance in ohms. Based on this ability to measure Amp, Volts, Ohms, its name was Avometer.

This Avometer was invented by an engineer in British Post Office. That engineer was not happy when he had to carry different tools with him to measure different values. So, he invented this single tool that can measure different values.

The initial multimeter was only able to measure the direct current (DC) but about 10 years later, with new advancements in the technology, multimeters were able to measure the alternating current, that is AC current as well. With time new features are added and the size of the multimeter shrunk time by time.

Types of Multimeters

Basically, there are 3 types of multimeters and all these 3 types measure the same i.e ampere, volts, and ohms. We name these three types as follows:

  1. Analog Multimeters
  2. Digital Multimeters
  3. Smart Multimeters

Now check this simple and easy multimeter guidance that can help you to choose the best one for your needs.

Analog Multimeters

Analog multimeters are a very basic type of multimeters that uses a needle to give you a value. You need to read that value with the movement of the needle. You need to take care of the polarity as well while testing these values.

Digital Multimeters

Digital multimeters are advanced in type as they provide you the final value in digits on a digital screen. There is no needle involved to read the value. Therefore, you get an accurate value in digital multimeters as compared to analog multimeters. Digital multimeters are also able to remove the problem of polarity as well, so you will get the correct value, doesn’t matter how you connect the points with the terminals.

Smart Multimeters

Smart multimeters are upgraded forms of digital multimeters which are pocket-size portable multimeters. There are different options available on this portable and an easy-to-carry pocket-size multimeter that you can use smartly. This smart multimeter is equipped with intelligent sensors that can sense the different values without setting them up for a particular value. KM601 Digital Multimeter is one of the best examples of smart multimeters.

Why Smart Multimeters are Better?

Smart Multimeter Flash Light

There are various factors that make smart multimeters better than any other ordinary digital multimeter. Here are some benefits of having a smart multimeter:

Portability: Since it is smaller in size, so you can carry it with you by keeping it in your tools box or even in your pocket. You will not feel much weight of it.

Versatile: With other measurements, it can also measure ac current amplification factor, maximum resistance, and durability.

High Accuracy: This smart multimeter will provide you with highly accurate and precise values for all the readings.

Large Screen Size: The large screen size of this portable smart multimeter is larger than the other ordinary multimeters. It improves the readability and more values at a time.

Durability: Most of the smart multimeters are durable as they have a battery with more storage than others. Some smart multimeters like KM601 digital multimeter can provide up to 10,000 counts or even more.

Smart or Manual Mode: The best way to use these multimeters is to use them on Smart mode. But if you are not comfortable with that, you can switch to manual mode easily.

Extra Features: It provides a lot more extra features like live wire detection, LED indicators for correct jacks, can read capacitance, and a brighter backlight, with the added functionality of a flashlight.

Why DIYer Should Have a Smart Multimeter?

Those who love DIY tasks, also need to fix little things on their own. They need to detect if there is any problem with the circuit boards, switches, or other electrical devices.

The smart multimeters are easy to use and you should only basic understanding of electronics. Like you should know the knowledge of what readings a multimeter is showing on the screen and how to interpret these readings. Based on this, you as a DIYer can easily detect why your fan is not working. Is there any issue with its switch, socket or there is faulty wiring.

These multimeters can be used with the latest appliances so as a DIYer for basic electricity tasks, you must have one good and a portable smart multimeter in your DIY tools.

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