Solar-powered Bayswater Early Years Hub is Sustainable Architecture

K20 is an architectural firm based at South Melbourne, Australia which Keeps A+ membership of the Australian Institute of Architects. They are progressive, award winning practice registered with local, State and Federal government organizations. Their aim is to deliver sustainable architecture, in term of design, selection of materials, energy efficiency and green building trends.

The firm was hired to design a community center in Bayswater, Victoria, Melbourne which completed in 2019 .The building comprises brick masonry in finishing work, locally availed timber for its ceiling finishes and stone work. The architect has wisely utilized natural lighting for indoor spaces. The project offers community rooms, class room for kids, health support services spaces, maternal clinics, kitchen and bathrooms. Its main courtyard includes, adult/kids exercise gear and shaded places to sit and socialize.


Furthermore, a water storage tank collects rain water to be utilized in toilet for flushing, laundry services, and irrigation. The roof of the Early Years Hub is covered in solar panels, which are connected to a series of batteries.

Though the design of the solar energy system is capable for year round use but also has a grid-based connection which it’s expected to make use of for about two weeks a year, subject to the weather conditions.

“The application of passive design principles, access to natural light for internal spaces and solar control, reduces reliance on artificial lighting and cooling,” says K20 Architecture.

“Solar arrays, batteries, rainwater harvesting, and other sustainable initiatives form the building as a whole. The project provides Knox City Council with economic sustainability with reduced running and maintenance costs and has the ultimate goal of achieving a 100+ year building lifecycle and improved ecology for health and well-being.”


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