15 Best Old CDs recycling DIY Ideas

About one decade ago and beyond, we had shelves full of CD’s with movies, music and related to job. If you still have CD’s with you, try these clever tricks to re purpose that CD’s .I have collected some simple and cheap ideas to give new life to old CD’s  which you may consider useless.

1-Decorative Mirror frame

Make a border along with edges of mirror to get a charming looking mirror .This job may be done easily, cut CD’s according to images shown below and paste it on mirror using glue.

Image credit intuition-physician.com

2-Jewelry organizer

Create a jewelry organizer which is simple, cheap  and can be completed in short time.

Image credit abaloriosamano.blogspot.com

3-Wall curtain

Get a useful and good looking external wall curtain which reflects sun rays in summer and absorb sun rays in winter to decrease internal temperature to maintain temprature.

Image credit 

4-Wall hanging decoration craft

If you are good at DIY , try this clever trick and create a nice wall hanging decoration craft.

Image credit 

5-Thread work on CD 

Apply some thread work on CD to give a new and good look to an old CD which may be used as wall hanging  craft to beautify your spaces’

Image credit 

6-Write motivational sentences on CD 

To encourage your loved ones write some motivational sentences  on CD and hang it on wall.

Image credit 

7-Christmas tree

Get a unique Christmas tree in more cheap way by utilizing old CD’s .Add some decorative crafts to add attraction.

Image credit 

8- Decorative work  on cloth 

Apply some decoration on cloth and then cover CD’s with them to get a more welcoming  wall hanging decoration piece.

Image credit embroiderynewscentar.club

9- Wall hanging accessories holder

Make  elegant wall hanging accessories pouches as per images shown below, just  some time and  some stuff  will be required  to complete the project.

Image credit felting.craftgossip.com

Image credit masymasmanualidades.blogspot.com

10- Paper work on CD’s

These DIY project are most recommended for kids to try. Some  CD’s,  papers of different colors,  some decorative  accessories, two clips and glue are required to complete this project.

Image credit feltmagnet.com

Image credit tasteofhome.com

Image credit lalalime.blogspot.com

11- Wall Clock 

Install wall clock machine on a CD after writing counting on CD to get a nice looking  wall clock.You can decorate CD before fixing machine on CD as per your taste and choice.

Image credit folksy.com

12- CD’s decorated with stones

Fix  some artificial  stones using glue on CD’s as per desired pattern to have a nice looking wall hanging decoration piece for  your indoor spaces.

Image credit hitdiy.com

13- Cup mate 

Old CD’s are also suitable to use as cup mates to save top surfaces of tables  from dampness and heat.

Image credit ofm.co.za

14- Road side reflector 

Off course! this is   a unique way to re purpose old CD’s.Fix old CD as reflector along with  a paved way to help out users.

Image credit instructables.com

15- Wall hanging wrath

Create a fabulous wall hanging wrath using old CD’s and some decorative crafts .

Image credit  muchostips.com

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