Squid-inspired Dune House get Energy from Solar and Wind

Brooklyn, New York based Studio Vural is a certified architecture & interior design firm serving homes and businesses. They design houses, condo buildings, brownstones & apartments with intelligent, artful solutions that not only create nurturing homes, but profitable ones.

The firm has recently designed a unique beach house called Dune House which is located at Cape Cod, a popular summertime destination within Peninsula, US. Specialty of this house is its elegant design and location which is so inspiring. The house would run off-the-grid with solar panels and wind turbines.

“Not to be confused with this Dune House, nor this other one either, Dune House is envisioned for Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Its distinctive design brings to mind the Edgeland Residence, though the firm doesn’t mention Native American pit houses as an inspiration. Instead, a squid of all things provided that initial spark of creativity. Studio Vural head Selim Vural was on a nighttime fishing trip, when, spotting a squid’s “flash” thought “If squids can power themselves, so should houses.”

This is a two story house with a gap in the middle, which includes lounge area and bedrooms at ground floor. However, a large kitchen with dining area is located on first floor. The home is covered in sand and grass which provide extra insulation.

“The un-plugged house has an autonomous power network, energized by a vast solar field and miniature wind turbines, designed to produce more clean energy than consumed,” says Studio Vural. “This high energy efficiency is enabled by burrowing the house under the dunes, anchoring the foundation into geothermal temperatures of sand, consequently blanketing 80 percent of the envelope.”

This was a difficult task to build a home within sand dunes with regard to planning regulations but the firm has successfully managed it. According to Dezeen, it is expected that construction work of dune house will be started on November, 2020.

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