Sleep among Elephants in Transparent Jungle Bubbles

Having 160 acre area, Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant camp & Resort is located within breath taking views of mountainous ranges of Myanmar and Laos. The resort overlooks the Mekong and Ruak rivers in northern Thailand which is nestled among bamboo forest, lush gardens and rice fields.

The resort invites tourist to spend unforgettable night observing Thailand’s elephants in their natural habitat from transparent jungle bubble. The elephants live in a camp located just next to the resort. These unique jungle bubbles are designed by Eye in the sky and are constructed in high tech polyester fabric utilizing precontraint serge Ferrari technology.

Build on an elevated wooden platform each bubble room have total floor space of 236 sq. ft (22 Sq m) with a king size bed and lounge area. There are no curtains provided in bubble room and bathroom is located within an adjoining hidden compound. Bubble room is approachable through a tunnel like way.Furthermore a mini bar and dining facilities are also provided in bubble room to enjoy amazing night from dusk till morning.

“Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort is world famous for its elephant camp that, along with the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation (GTAEF), were set up primarily to help elephants that cannot help themselves: for those that find themselves, through abuse or through circumstance, unable to provide and maintain an income for themselves, for their mahouts [owners] and their families,” says the company. “To date over 60 elephants have been rescued from Thailand’s city streets, of which 22 now live in the jungle environment of Anantara’s Elephant Camp, along with their entire mahout families of 50 people, who receive English lessons, education for their children, and 100 percent of the profits from the sale of garments from a traditional silk worm business.”


Subject to duration of stay and time of visit, the one night stay only in jungle bubble room starts from $580 however, one week stay at resort cost$ 1,200.


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