alternate to hand-sanitizers

Surfaceskins Door pads kills Germs

Unfortunately everyone not uses hand-sanitizer dispensers which are installed in hospital as you observe while visiting any hospital. In this way their germs spread rapidly through common-touched surfaces such as door handles. Keeping in mind this thing, University of Leeds spinoff company has created bacteria-killing door pads which have been named as Surfaceskins.

Surfaceskins, the low-cost textiles cover the door’s existing aluminum push plate and when someone pushes on to open the door, the pressure forces alcohol get out of a reservoir within the pad through tiny holes on its surface. This process disinfects the surface of the pad within few seconds and makes its clean for next user.

alternate to hand-sanitizers

As per Nonwovens Innovation and Research Institute Ltd, which is the company that makes Surfaceskins, test have shown that it reduce bacteria levels up to 90 percent as compared to regular unprotected push plates.

Each pad is usable for seven days or 1K pushes, whichever comes first. These pads can be removed just by sliding out a plastic holder that is mounted on the door when its time to replace them.

germs killing door pads

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