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Nayeem Avril loose title of Miss World Bangladesh

The age of 16 years is not the age of marriage. This has been said by Miss World Bangladesh Nayeem Avril. She was awarded with the title of Miss World but now she loose this title because she kept secret information regarding her marriage. While interviewing to BBC she told that it’s not her defeat but its dispersal of rules.

Miss world bangladesh

While answering to the question about her marriage she told that if someone is asked for marriage at the age of 16 years or even after her SSC then it’s not the age of marriage. She also said that she can provide documentary evidence of her age. As per news resources she got married in March 2013 but it remained just for two months.

Authorities say that as per rules the title of Miss World can’t be awarded to a female who submits wrong information. As per rules only unmarried persons can participate in this competition. for your information Nayeem Avril was awarded this title just few days ago.

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