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Taxa adds Mantis to its Funky Trailer flagship

Taxa Outdoor has been inputting for the last 7 year to get into the market. Like they unveiled NASA a small-living know-how into a series of funky trailers. Actually story started from original Cricket trailer then going with smaller and smaller with the trailers and living modules like the TigerMoth, Wooly Bear and Firefly. But now it’s going in a bigger direction as the company unveiled all-new Mantis that is 18-ft flagship that sleeps four adults in backcountry.

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After unveiling ground tent-topped Wooly Bear in last year, it was being expected that the company will carry on with smaller without getting into the non-camping cargo trailer or bike camping trailer markets. But there is always room for development and now Taxa introduced a trailer that’s 3 ft longer than the original Cricket.

“Our dealers wanted something with more sleeping room to round out our family of products beyond the Cricket, which is designed for two adults and two younger children,” says company founder Garrett Finney. “The number one selling trailer for the past decade is a 20-ft (6-m) trailer that sleeps four adults. This is our version of that.”

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The oblique chaos of the exterior leads the way to a more frank interior having sleeping area at the ends and a kitchen and bathroom. The front has two bunk bed a sleeping area for 4 adults as promised by the Taxa while the back has a full size convertible bed/sofa.

As per information the Mantis will officially hit the market in October while estimated cost will start from US$32,500 for the Camp version.

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