sCarabane wows the Crowd at Australian 4*4 Expo

While exhibiting motorhomes and trailers at Australian 4×4 Expo and Overland Expo by famous camper trailer companies, the Dusseldorf Caravan Salon dedicates some space for futuristic campers and technologies. This year Volkswagen California XXL isn’t only the head-turning concept camper. And this year France’s Green Cat Technologies has wows the crowds by unveiling a caravan that folds out into 360 degrees at camp, tracking the sun to provide electricity and hot water as per requirement.

It looks like a permanent, off grid tiny home, is actually folding caravan that packs into a 25.6-ft-long wheeled box via fold-down, flip-up and swing-out hardware on both sides. One side is equipped with large outdoor deck with retractable awning while other has two bedrooms to the central living area.

Named as sCarabane, it takes only 30 minutes from living to driving and it can be performed by only one person. Where its hardware is also impressive but its focus is on green technologies. It’s electrical rotation system enables to spin the caravan 360 degrees to optimize sun exposure, light and radiation flow to the solar panels water heating system. The caravan mounts on a circular track and can be rotated slowly as needed.

The company has built out an effective solar-harvesting system which is equipped with collapsible 65-sq ft parabolic concentrator mirror on the roof. It provides natural means of heating water for supply to the faucets, shower, washing machine and dishwasher inside living place. There is also a 500-W solar panel array installed on the roof. sCarbane utilizes the natural light and warmth of the sun. An adjustable bubble window allows the occupants to adjust the level of natural light and heat as needed which it provides through reflective shade of the bubble window. Further a manually adjustable rose window is installed with each bedroom to adjust the desired amount of light for the room.

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