Taxa updates its Funky Camping Trailer Mantis

Located in Houston, Texas, Taxa outdoors is specializes in the creation of sustainable, lightweight and modern camping trailers since 2012.The company is adding Mantis 2020 model camping trailer to its lineup which comprises sleeping area, a new multi-functional indoor/outdoor dining area, kitchen and toilet.

With irregular shaped aluminum body, it is a 5.8 m (19 foot) long camper build on a strong two wheel trailer .The camper includes a convertible sofa/bed a dining table, two beds and kitchen with a fridge.


At front side there are bed for comfortable sleeping. Usually, the top berth drops down to serve as a seat back which creates another seating bench. Other changes include an improved pop-top for better ventilation and add roof-top tent compatibility for the option of expanding sleeping capacity up-to four people.

Occupant enter into camping trailer through a hatch which is attached to roof-access steps. There is a dining/lounge area with u-shaped sofa and a dining table. The sofa is convertible to bed at night and table is also removable to place outdoor. The kitchen comprises a large door fridge, a double burner stove, sink and side worktop.


Just next to kitchen there is a tiny bathroom with water closet and a shower. The Mantis is equipped with a 6,000-BTU air conditioner, Truma Combi furnace/water heater and a 76-Liter fresh water tank.

At last month, an Outdoor + Snow Show held in Denver, Colorado, in which Taxa introduced the all-new 2020 Mantis at introductory price of US$46,167. The Buyer has option to add the expandable wet bath compartment, domestic fridge box and 15-in spare tire.


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