The Pinnacle is Energy-Efficient Skyscraper planned for Boston’s Waterfront

KPF is one of the largest architecture firms in New York City which provides architecture, interior, programming and master planning services. The company has disclose a new skyscraper planned for Boston, Massachusetts dubbed, The Pinnacle which is owned by The Chiofaro Company , a privately held independent firm engaged in the development and investments. The pinnacle is designed to replace seven story parking garage on the water front of city.

The building will comprise retail spaces, offices and residential areas, with height of 600 ft (182 m. Outdoor terraces will provide beautiful views of Boston city and the harbor itself. For decreasing shadow of building the tower’s curved form is carefully calculated and non-reflective coating is provided to minimize shine. The project will also include outclass landscaping to make comfortable walking experience for pedestrians.

The project include sustainable solar power system, rainwater recycling and greywater recycling systems. For maximum natural light inside and ventilation, the architects has provided enough openings in outer sides of the building. The project is engaged to receive LEED Gold (a green building standard) rating.

“At KPF, we are committed to creating resilient architecture that mitigates its lifecycle impact on environmental resources, and that protects and enhances the well-being of surrounding communities,” says Carlos Cerezo Davila, KPF Environmental Design Director. “The Pinnacle at Central Wharf exemplifies these efforts through its holistic approach to energy use and emissions reduction, its façade design, and its significant contributions to a more resilient, active and accessible Boston Harbor waterfront.”

   The client has submitted initial drawings to Boston development authorities and we have no word on when the project is due to be completed. However initial estimated cost of the project is about US$1.2 billion.


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