Have a Look inside Luxurious Prefab Container Home Buhaus

Burdge Architects is an architectural, planning, and consulting firm based in Malibu, California. They are specialize in the design of residential and commercial projects around the world. The firm has designed a striking, prefabricated, off-grid house from used shipping containers in collaboration with builder Nate Garnero called Buhaus.

The house is built in 8 x 20 ft (2.45 x 6.1 m) repurposed shipping container which comprises a master bedroom with attached master bathroom, a living room and work space. It comprises a polished aluminum exterior and rift oak interior paneling. Furthermore for off-grid living, the house equipped with all necessary hookups.

“When we set out to design this unit we realized there was something the market was missing: luxury AND utility,” Doug Burdge and Nate Garnero tell New Atlas. “There were so many options on the market for minimal living but none of them were luxurious. We have designed this unit with all the bells and whistles. It has Dornbracht appliances, Corian walls, Buster and Punch finishes, and that’s just the beginning!”

The unit include space-saving interior furnishings complete with queen sized Murphy bed that folds up to make a sofa or a pull-down desk as per choice of occupants. The house is designed according to Californian Wildfire Resiliency Codes and metal siding / insulation helps maintain internal temperature in every type of weathers.

“The installation process is up to the owner,” say Burdge and Garnero. “The Buhaus is able to be totally off the grid or in someone’s backyard so the installation and hookup will look different for every site. Additionally, the unit meets the California Green Code and Title 24 Energy Codes.”

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The architect has built in cabinetry for storage, an upward movable wall panel to create a covered outdoor sitting area. The house is fitted with bi-folding glass panels, which open the compact interior zones to the outdoors. Other features include custom LED lighting and double glass doors in the bathroom. Exterior have aluminum facade which can be replaced by timber cladding as per choice of residents.

“We love working with small spaces because it calls for so much more creativity in the design to maximize the function of the space,” say its creators. “While our unit is compact, it doesn’t feel like it at all. It feels very useful without being cramped.

The Buhaus is favorite for backyard use, small office, guest house or as private accommodation to generate additional income. Pre orders are starting from early March this year, however total cost for this house is US$96,000.


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