Things To Do at Home during Corona (Covid-19) Lockdown

As the most countries are in lock down due to deadly corona disease, we are restricted to our homes.  Instead of frustrating, we should follow directions of health experts to save lives. So, stay at home, stay hygienic and stay protected.

In this situation, how can we spend our time in a better way? Let us see.

1- Book reading

In usual life, you have no time to read your favorite books, it is the right time to connect with this great hobby. Reading develops writing skills in yourself also.  To develop an interest in book reading, you can introduce books to your kids, best suited to their age.


2- Start your Home Garden

Plan to start your own garden, no big space required, this can be a  back yard, a terrace or even a balcony. Plants are better source of removing stress and time passing. You feel great when a plant prospers.


3- Create a craft

Creativity is a  God gifted skill. If you are keen on crafts creation. Let’s start, it could be a  DIY project, a freehand sketch or a jewelry organizer for your mom. Indeed, there are hundreds of crafts creating ideas to consider.


4-Spend Time with your Kids

In usual life, being a working lady or a business man, you spent less time with your little ones during daily life . Listen to them,see their innocence and chill.



Cooking is a great indoor activity for whole family. Decide a recipe to cook  and prepare it as a teem . You may start from your favorite dishes .


6-Talk to Your Old Friends

Thankfully, communication sources are live.This is time to remember your school, college friends.Make a group video call and enjoy you teenage days again.


7-Learn a New Language

If you are interested in new language, this is best time to start. Good apps are available online to help out.You may try to improve you  proficiency in  English or to learn business communication because good communication skills are a good tool for each trade.

You can also register with SLC English tuition centre now to learn a language from experts.


8-Start Modeling

If somebody is interested in modeling or singing, do not hesitate  to start now.Smart phones are suitable for this task .You may work on a specific theme and start your own you tube channel also.But take care to keep in  your own controls. You may get a long forgotten keyboard or guitar left because of shortage of time and start practicing again!


9-Picture time

You can make a list of  your favorite movies,  watch along with your family or even alone and make sweet memories.


10-Physical Exercise at Home

Regular physical indoor exercise strengthens our muscles ,boosts your body energy level resulting increase our immunity system.Start with simple steps and then go up to the level of your comfort.


11-Re do your Kitchen

Redo your kitchen in these day,cleaning , re arranging are best tasks to consider according to best plan.

So, cooperate with local authorities is in your own favor for a healthier and  happier life .

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