tiny outdoor dwelling

Tiny Outdoor Dwellings built on solidified in Hawaii

Tiny house designer and Associate Professor at University of Oregon, Erin Moore has realized the construction of two dwellings amid a 300 year old solidified lava landscape in Hawaii. Named as Outside House, these pair of cabins are considered as place to connect with the land without any effect upon it.

The Outside House consists to two structures Mauka and  Makai. Keeping in view the client’s interest to preserve the land, these have been designed for modest living and can be installed without leaving a footprint and re-installed at any desired location.

tiny outdoor dwelling

“The center of the Outside House is the uneven, ever-changing ground between the pavilions,” says Erin Moore. “The unbuilt areas of the Outside House – lichen on the lava, a curved rock wall, a growing endemic mamane tree – are the essence of daily living in this place and what the client values most.”

Mauka is fully enclosed cabin as it has been designed as a comfortable place to sleep and to enjoy the views of lush Hawaiian landscape. It features a cozy double bed, seating and desk area, large glass sliding door and stunning wooden finishing throughout. The house is accessible via rear staircase.

The Mauka tiny house has been built with light wood-frame construction elevated above the lava ground through four concrete pillars. North and south sides of cabin are covered with a reflective film while the east and west sides are clad with western red cedar. For optimum air flow, the home is fitted with screened vents whereas the roof features polycarbonate sheathing to keep it protected from island rains.

Makai is outdoor shelter designed as a place to enjoy outdoor, installed several feet away from Mauka tiny house. Makai features a large sheltered open terrace with a basic outdoor kitchen and hidden open shower. The outdoor shelter is built with galvanized steel frame.

Both cabins, Mauka and Makai have been designed with a concept easy to install home kit and being light enough so that two people can carry it easily.

Outside House is this year’s first place winner of the University of Hawaii’s Building Voices Design Competition.

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