how to earn from YouTube

Meet Riyan-The billionaire Child

Do you think that a child can earn so much that he becomes billionaire at the age of six? Really you are surprised that how much a child can earn at this stage. Meet little Riyan who comments about toys on YouTube and earn millions. Riyan last year earning was 11 million US$ (Approx 1.25 billion in PKR). He earned this money from YouTube videos watched by people through Youtube. He provides analysis and comment about toys on his YouTube channel “Toys Reviews

how to earn from YouTube

Forbiz Magazine has added this child name in the list of people earning a lot in 2017. His YouTube toys reviews videos have been watched by 16 billion people since 2015. Although he’s earning a lot but only few people know the child.

What is his complete name, where he lives? We just know that he is American. While interviewing to Washington Post, her mother told that Riyan was thinking about YouTube when he was 3 years old as he have been watching these types of channels with deep interest. Her mother further told that with the conditions to keep this secret that one day Riyan told me that I’m not using YouTube like other child. Then we went to a toys shop and purchased a toy. This was startup of his YouTube channel.

earning from Youtube

One of his video has been watched by 800 Million times. Since 2015 till January 2016, one million people have subscribed his YouTube channel. Now the channel has achieved the milestone of more than 10 million subscriptions.

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