Top 5 DIY Phone Case Ideas

Phones are high-priced and value protective, however, do not you are concerned this as was common I’ll facilitate you’re out by creating an amazing phone case for your mobile protection. Store bought cases are often bland and uninspiring. Stunning phone cases will price over you are willing to pay.

While some desperate souls would possibly value more highly to go case-less, we’re all regarding skinning your device with a DIY phone case. Irrespective of your level of crafting, you will be able to notice a case here that’s each reasonable and fully do-able to recreate.

1.   Marbleize a Clear Case:

This cosmetic marbling technique is ideal for customizing a telephone case and toting your phone around in vogue. It’s a wonderful and beautiful case and creates your phone pretty.


  • Clear plastic mobile phone case
  • Nail polish in 3 totally different shades
  • A large bowl full of water
  • Toothpick or applicator

Step # 1: Gather Materials:

Gather all materials like that then move to the next step.

Step # 2: Add Color:

Add all the colors as I shown above.

Step # 3: Layer More Color:

Last Step: Dip the Case:

2.   Add Bold Patterns with Washi Tape:

Washi tape will do virtually something. It is found in a very tantalizing array colors and patterns. It’s straightforward to get rid of and reposition, therefore the stylish case you produce these days does not must be the one you utilize tomorrow. From wall art to tote styles to wearable accessories.


What you would like just for the entire procedure?

  • straightforward case
  • Washi tapes.

STEP # 1:

In the 1st you would like to position your washi tape during this direction from A to B direction as I shown below.

STEP # 2:

In the second step, you wish to use the tip from bedrock direction TO ABCA. These figures can facilitate you to create your whole trendy case simply.

Final Step:

You need to repeat the entire procedure one by one in many directions thus your cowl is prepared to use.

3.   Glitter iPhone Case:

Give your phone case associate easy, sparkle upgrade quickly and simply with vinyl. produce your own distinctive style in minutes!


  • Phone Case
  • Transparent Glitter Vinyl
  • Craft Knife


For the plain glitter case, merely cut a chunk of holographic vinyl concerning the identical size as your case. Then ironed the vinyl into the rear of the case and ironed out all the bubbles along with your fingers. Then used your craft knife to rigorously trim the perimeters. Your DIY Glitter case is ready.


And that’s it! This one is therefore super straightforward; however, I love the means it’s on the phone.

4.   Make a Tiny Piece of Art Using Watercolors:

This case art was created mistreatment watercolors; however, markers would have an identical impact.


  • Clear telephone case
  • Medium-weight paper
  • Watercolor paint
  • Water brush
  • Scissors
  • Artist’s knife
  • Pencil


  1. Fill the body of the water brush with water. Then squeeze a small amount of the comb’s water into the paint palette as you activate the paint and cargo it onto the brush. Paint horizontal lines of color across the paper, loading the comb with a lot of paint because the color becomes faint.
  2. Next, trace the definition of your phone onto the stripy paper and cut it out.
  3. Strive slippery the templet into the phone case and note of trimming changes required.


Your simple and stylish Watercolor case is ready to use.

5.   DIY Pressed Flower iPhone Case:

You can build your own DIY flowers case with a flower press or by inserting them within an out sized book, like an associate book of facts or phone book. If you’re pressing your own flowers, confine mind that the drying time takes a bit whereas – sometimes a minimum of seven days.


  • Pressed dried flowers
  • Flat, solid white iPhone case
  • Clear craft glue
  • A flat and level surface
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Parchment paper
  • Ruler
  • Thin-tip permanent marker
  • 2 clear plastic cups
  • 2 picket craft sticks
  • 50/50 clear-casting synthetic resin
  • Acetone
  • Glitter

STEP # 1: Arrange the Flowers:

Arrange all the flowers because it is shown within the figure on top of. Detain mind that your ironed flowers can become slightly clear once they’re coated in rosin, therefore inserting lighter colored flowers beneath darker ones works best.

Stick with Glue:

Step # 2: Prepare the Resin:

Cut a two-linear unit long (approximately sixty cm) piece of parchment paper along with your scissors and tape it right down to your flat surface. Take your rosin and browse the directions fastidiously.

After 2 minutes, pour it into a cup of plastic as shown down.

Step # 3: Add Resin to the Case:

Follow step by step.

Spread the organic compound near the sting of your pressed flower case mistreatment your craft stick. Confirm the organic compound doesn’t reassess the sting. Add additional organic compound to the flower case until the complete back and everyone the flowers are coated.

Final Product:

Your DIY Pressed Flower Case is ready to use.

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