Tucktec folded Plastic Kayak is Cheap and Transportable

If you are keen of water way exploring there is a big development for you.  South Carolina based paddler Dan Norton has invented a foldable, light weight and easy to carry Kayak dubbed Tucktec which is made by 100 percent recyclable, high density 1/8-inch polyethylene sheet. As compared to usual other kayaks it will be available in very reasonable price as low as $499.

When not in use, it is packed in a rectangular shape measuring 48 inch x 8 inch and when assembled it takes volume 120 Inch x 31 Inch. Its weight is 12.7 Kg and can bear passenger/luggage payload of 158.7 kg.

It comprises an adjustable seat, foam sponsons along the sides, comfortable padded footrest, a paddle, a rear tracking fin and a dry bag.

Production is Subject to Kickstarter campaign and you will pay $259 as advance if you want to get it. Remaining amount will be received at the time of delivery.

For more watch below video


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