Give an Idea of a Dream Home and win $100,000 by Airbnb

If you have a crazy idea for an unusual livable, Airbnb is looking to help fund its creation. The online marketplace is spending US$1 million to fund the wildest new home ideas from around the world. The purpose of this competition is to search best ideas and financially support the imagines to come reality.



Airbnb has been hosting a competition in which the participants will submit proposal with an idea to create most eccentric and unusual livable spaces on the earth.



Last date for submissions is April 15, 2020 and prize winners will be announced on May 15, 2020. A panel of judges will observe the submission and 10 winners will be selected from proposals, each winner will be awarded $100,000. Judges consist on an MVRDV representative, Kristie Wolfe, and the actor Billy Porter.



Ideas will be observed on the base of creativity, durability and feasibility. Furthermore something created by using re purposed materials and electrified by solar energy will be plus point of the participant.





Winners will build the eccentric houses using the amount of prizesand they would be bounded to make the space exclusively available on the Airbnb platform for at least one year.

If somebody is looking for inspiration, Airbnb has collected some examples of wonderful homes which you can check out.



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