UK based architectural firm built apartment from Pods

Suprblk is an architectural firm based in London which has designed an apartment in an old biscuit factory using specially manufactured Skelton instead of walls. This old biscuit factory apartment is located in East London. This project is shortlisted for Dezeen award in 2019.


Overall interior living space is increased from 646 Sq ft (60 Sqm) to 872 Sq ft (81 Sqm) thus occupants can utilize additional 215 Sq ft (20 Sqm) space .Specially designed Skelton made by plywood and cane fiber have been used to divide apartment into two different zones including bed room, living area, bath room kitchen, study area and walk in wardrobe.


The Skelton of   apartment rests on newly constructed brick columns and south side window. Inner side of apartment provide enough space for furniture and storage of different things which is usually, not possible in small residential spaces. Windows are provided at suitable places to get enough light and air. The architect has taken full advantage of 11.5 Feet (3.5 m) ceiling height of apartment’s Skelton by providing a bed room and a work space on elevated mezzanine floor. This aspect allows the occupants to enjoy their own space without feeling closed in. The elevated work place provides privacy for creative activities. An impression of wideness can be felt in every part of apartment.



By exposing the original brick work which is contrasted by warm lines of Skelton and clean white walls, the architect has increased beauty of the apartment. The bath room is finished in cool grey porcelain tiles. The steps have been painted in bright yellow which give access to mezzanine floor adds a playful touch to the home. The steps are also used to hide additional storage space and the apartment features durable and beautiful timber flooring.

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