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How To Transform Old Tires Into DIY Planters or Swings for Kids

creative uses for old tires

Usually, a lot of people throw out their old car tires or even the bigger tires of the bus or a truck. A person like me who loves to make DIY crafts will never throw these precious tires as I can transform these tires into useful things.

There are various ways you can re-use the old tires. For example, you can use an old tire of a car to make a DIY planter. You can also make DIY hanging tire planters using your old tires. You can also decorate your walls using the painted colorful old tires. If you have kids, then making a DIY old tire swing would make your day.

Just make sure that you can keep your old tires safe in your storeroom so that you can use them for the old tire projects. Don’t put heavy things on the tires if you have a plan to use these old tires at a later stage. If you put heavyweights on the tires they could get damage which will be a big loss for a person like me.

Also, protect your tires from sharp things like a drill machine, an ax, and anything which can cut the tire. These precautions will help you in reusing the old tires and you can transform these old tires into beautiful hanging planters or swing for your kids.

Transform Old Tires into Hanging Planters

If you want to have new planters for your backyard or for your front garden then you should make recycled tire planters. This will be a super easy project and don’t require you to spend much money.

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You just need a spray paint bottle or a paint can, a paintbrush, potting soil and a plant that you will use in this tire planter.

Before you start, wash your old tire to remove any mud deposited in the tire patterns. Don’t forget to wash the tire from inside. Though it won’t affect, it is good because there are chances that there is some nail or any other sharp thing stuck inside the tire.

Now, paint your tire with your favorite colors and hang it using a chain or a strong roop with a tree. First, fill the lower portion of the tire with the potting soil and then put your plant into this DIY hanging tire planter.

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Ideas for Using Tires as Planters


uses for old tires in garden

using tires as planters

Making DIY Tire Swing Ideas

There is another way to transform your old tire into some useful DIY craft. If you have 3 years to 10 years old kids then this project is just for you. Your kids will love this project and they will love you as well for making this beautiful DIY old tire swing for them.

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You can hang this swing in your backyard or in the front garden. If you have a tree in your garden then that will be the most suited place for the old tire swing.

You can also hang this swing for kids indoor if you have sufficient place. If you have kids playroom, then hang it there with a rod or you can use your terrace as well for this DIY old tire swing for kids.

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making a tire swing

tire swing ideas

ladybug old tire swing

Old Tire Wall Decorations

There are many other uses of old tires into creative and beautiful organizers or decoration items for your empty walls. You can simply cut the tires into two pieces and decorate your outer wall with these tires.

This will be very simple to decorate the outer wall with old tires. But you can also use these tires in some creative ways to make exciting storage organizers. As we mentioned above, you need to wash the tire and then paint it with spray paint or you can use a paintbrush if you have a can of paint.

You can again cut the tire into two pieces and fix it on your wall so that you can keep different items in the inner part of the tire. You can make different partitions as well so that your old tire organizers can keep your products separately.

You can also fix your whole painted tire on the wall and then fix another painted plank of wood inside the tire. This could be used to put your mobile phone, wallet, a decoration piece or anything you want that can be adjusted there.

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creative uses for old tires

old tire decorations

DIY old tire decoration

old tire projects

Toddler Obstacle Course Using Old Tires

Last, but not least. You can use the old tires to make a playing area for your kids if you have a large garden or good space in your backyard.

For girls, colorful tires will do the work. You can even place the tire one on another and paint it in to make a cartoon character. This will be a simple DIY old tire project.

For boys, they love games that involve physical activity, so you can place the tires on the ground for setting up diy backyard obstacle course. The obstacle course can be different as per the age of the kids. For little kids age 3 years to 7 years, you can simply place the tires on the ground in different arrangements.

While for the kids of 7+ years you can hang 6 to 10 tires with the strong chains in a series. The boys will love this course as it needs the expertise to cross all the tires hanging in the air with the help of chains.

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toddler obstacle course

backyard obstacle course ideas

diy backyard obstacle course

diy obstacle course for kids

diy obstacle course for kids


There are plenty of ways to repurpose your old tires into amazing, creative and exciting DIY crafts and items. You can transform your old tires into hanging planters, ground planters, wall decorations, swing for kids. You can make different types of an obstacle course for kids using your old tires.

Let us know about your favorite transformation of the old tire. You can also share your own ideas with us. We will try our best to write something about your ideas. To share your ideas, you can use the comment section below.

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