Use Best Pill Crusher If Your Kids Can’t Swallow the Pills

I have seen many people who are afraid of taking pills with water. They can’t swallow the pills no matter what is the size of the pill. To be honest, I am also one of them from my childhood. I was never comfortable when my mom gives me a small size pill and ask me to swallow that pill with the help of one glass of water. The fun part is, just because I couldn’t¬†swallow the pills, I try to hide those pills somewhere where my mom can’t find those and act in front of her that I have taken my pills with a glass of water.

Now, when I have kids as well, and when they get ill, I also have to make it sure that they take their pills so that they can get well soon. But they have the same problem as well, they can’t swallow the big pills or the small pills. Either because of the bad smell or the bad taste. Or even just they feel it is difficult to swallow a pill.

For this reason, I have searched on the Google that where can I find a pill crusher so that I can crush the pills and my kids can have their medicine without any problem which can help them to get well soon. Before using a pill crusher, I also searched for different health blogs that is it safe to crush pills?

Using a pill crusher, I grind the pills and make powder type stuff which can easily dissolve in water. After mixing the grinded pill I ask my kids to drink that water which is super easy and there is no problem at all. Even if my kids don’t want to dring a glass of water which is mixed with a crushed pill, because they saw the color or they feel the smell of medicine, I sometimes mix the grinded pill in a glass of milk or in a fruit juice.

In this way, kids don’t even know that they are taking medicine and they drink the juice or glass of milk without any hesitation. Now my life is super easy, whenever my kids get affected by any disease, I use a pill crusher and mix the powder with juice or milk. Or I sometimes spray that grinded pill on the food as well.

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