Floor Cleaning For Pet Owners: DIY using Best Vacuum Cleaners


Nothing compares to the joy of having pets, but it is also true that the hairs and waste they leave can become a big problem. Sure, a vacuum cleaner that cleans all that, even dust and allergens, could be the solution, but how to find the best model that fits your budget?

Here you can find the best Vacuum cleaner for carpet and floor cleaning.

If you have already thought about the power, filters and accessories that your future vacuum cleaner should have, we have two highly recommended models that could interest you. In the first instance the Bosch BGS5ZOOO2, a team with high suction power, a special filter and an accessory kit that will allow you to take advantage of various surfaces.

Next, we present the model Ufesa AS5200 Optima, a long tube alternative with a wide brush and anti-allergic HEPA filter, which guarantees a much cleaner emission of residual air, which is highly recommended to prevent relapse of people with respiratory problems. Are you looking for hand vacuum to clean dog hair? Read ahead!

Bosch Zoo’s ProAnimal

Among the best options of vacuum cleaners without bags for animals, we have this Bosch model because it offers a filtering system with ample capacity to obtain an impeccable cleaning.

Ufesa AS5200 Optima

 The Ufesa vacuum bagless works with a power of 700 W, which indicates that it is a model for domestic use, but that it can perform quite well. It has category A in energy consumption, given that it has good energy management and is more cost-effective than other models.

AEG LX7 Power Animal

The AEG model has as a useful aspect the fact that it is a vacuum cleaner with cyclonic technology, keeping dirt inside the tank to prevent it from returning to the environment through the residual air. This model has a power of 750 W, more than enough for day-to-day domestic tasks.

Rowenta Ergo Force

 Our second proposal is a model of the cheapest, the Ergo Force Rowenta. If you are looking for savings in your electricity consumption, this can be a good option; with a power of 700 W, it has a performance comparable to that of a 2100 W vacuum cleaner. You will notice this at the end of the month on your electric bill.

Here you can find the best vacuum cleaners buying guide, for general use.

MP-1000 – Genuine

 The MP-1000 – Genuine of the brand Maxell Power is a vacuum cleaner without a bag, with cyclonic technology, which provides an adequate suction performance, since it works with a power of 1000 W and has a suction force of 160 W, to clean all surfaces of the home. As a special accessory, it includes a specific nozzle to collect the hairs that are usually released by domestic animals.

Dyson DC52 Animal Turbine

The model DC52 Animal Turbine is a vacuum cleaner without a bag for animals that work with cyclone technology Dyson Cinetic, 54 small terminations that rotate at high frequency to prevent obstructions in the entrance and ensure that it does not lose its suction power. It also includes a HEPA filter, ideal for people with allergies!

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