What are Diabetic Socks & What are the Benefits of Wearing Diabetic Socks


A diabetic patient would definitely want to keep the body dry and he or she would never want to get moisture on the body. Injury on any part of the body is also very harmful to a diabetic patient because diabetes is a disease in which minor injuries can have worst impacts on the patient. From the whole body, feet are more vulnerable towards injuries because feet can be wounded by the friction on the road if the patient is walking barefooted. Wearing Diabetic socks is the solution to this problem.

What are Diabetic Socks

These socks are not like the tradition cotton socks which are capable of absorbing moisture. A tradition cotton socks can absorb almost 7% of the water of its weight due to which anyone can feel irritated. Whereas diabetic socks can’t absorb such amount of moisture and due to its wicking moisture capability it draws the moisture from the body and helps it to evaporate which keeps the feet of diabetic patient dry.

These socks are made from special WICKING FABRIC which helps the moisture to pass through these socks. This wicking fabric is made from high-tech polyester, which can draw the moisture away from the body.

What are the Benefits of Wearing Diabetic Socks

There are various benefits of wearing these special high-quality diabetic socks and from these, the main and most important feature is to keep the feet dry.

The general advantage of wearing diabetic socks is protection and increased awareness.

  • Diabetic socks provide protection from friction rubs, ulcers and blisters
  • Cushion your feet from rubbing and injury
  • These socks don’t have tight irritating elastic fibers
  • Diabetic socks prevent wrinkle and do not cause discomfort
  • These socks provide protection for sensitive pressure points
  • Anti-microbial: provides protection against bacterial infection and reduce odor
  • Conform to the feet without being constricting
  • In case of injury, diabetic socks shows the presence of blood
  • Can provide mild compression for better blood circulation
  • Minimize the risks involved in future amputations

Here you can read about benifits of wearing diabetic socks for more details.

Who Should Use Diabetic Socks?

It is not necessary for all the diabetic patients to wear diabetic socks. But those patients who more often get foot injury should consider wearing diabetic socks. Those should also wear these socks who’s feet get temperature and change in color very often.

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How Diabetic Socks are Better Than Regular Socks

Diabetic socks are better than regular traditional socks in many ways. One of the obvious advantage that diabetic socks have over tradition socks is the ability to draw moisture away from the body. Then diabetic socks are more resistant towards bacterias where are traditional socks are not made from antibacterial fabric. More advantages of wearing Diabetic socks can be found in the picture below.


Diabetic socks are not only for the patients with diabetes but people who work can also use these socks as work socks. If you want more information on this, click here for work sock and why you need these.

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