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Caliburger let you order burgers with your face

An AI-enabled self-ordering kiosk is being tested by a chain of restaurant in US. The self-ordering kiosk uses facial recognition to identify the customers and recall their favorite food orders. Probably this will be the future fast food ordering or a weird device that people will use.

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The technology is no stranger for Restaurant chain Caliburger as earlier this year the company tested a robotic cook named Flippy which was designed to take care of tedious job like watching and flipping burger patties. Company decided a roll out the robots in 50 of its restaurants starting in 2018 as it completes its pilot test successfully.

It involves to incorporate NEC’s NeoFace facial recognition software to perform latest tech experiment. The customer details can be fetched from their loyalty account instantly approaching kiosk.

“Face-based loyalty significantly reduces the friction associated with loyalty program registration and use; further, it enables a restaurant chain like CaliBurger to provide a customized, one-on-one interactive experience at the ordering kiosk,” says Chairman and CEO of Cali Group, John Miller.

Yet an old credit card swipe is required for payment as facial recognition will not be used in initial test program however it has been planned by the company to incorporate face-based payments within next year.

A similar face recognition system called Smile to Pay, has been recently launched in China. These kiosks are being trailed in some KFC restaurants in Hangzhou in China however the payment system is not yet fully automated as it still requires smartphone verification.

It is yet to be observed that would people be ready to embrace this kind of technology after the launch of new iPhone’s facial recognition system earlier this year.


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