wood router reviews

What Does A Wood Router Do? Select Best Wood Router

The use of technology makes everything easy in our life. Technology changing the way of living very rapidly especially in the 21st century. Even in home improvement, we have many electronic tools and gadgets to make the tasks easy and to do perform these tasks in a more professional way. Years ago carpenters use traditional tools for making different designs in their woodworks to make different artistic designs. But now wood routers makes it very easy and with a simple and easy training, you can do it yourself.

Now using a woodworking router it is very easy for anyone to make the artistic designs for wooden work. In creating different types of tables, chairs or to decorate the wall with woodwork, the router makes everything very easy. A wood router is a device that is used for cutting the wood with fine edges and to make the beautiful patterns. It can also rout out or hollow out a specific area or part of the wooden piece. Initially, wood routers were hand powered tools which consist of a base and a blade to operate on the wood. But as time passes and technology evolves, now we have electronic wood routers which make things easy as now routers are operated by the electricity, it consists of a spindle which is operated by an electronic motor.

wood router reviews

Today you can get different types of wood routers, like plunge routers, fixed base router, a router with the removable base, light-duty router, medium-duty routers, heavy-duty routers and specialist routers. If you are wondering which wood router is best for you then you should know for what purpose you exactly need the wood router? You should also keep the thing in mind that which wood router you can easily handle and can operate without making any mistakes because it is not easy to use a wood router for beginners.

Once you get the proper training for operating a wood router, then you should read few wood router reviews provided by different manufacturers. You will find many manufacturers for wood routers with different specification. After proper study and complete information, you should buy a wood router about which you are sure that you can easily operate that.

Dewalt DWP611 PK is a dual purpose and best wood router that you can buy from an authorized dealer or online store. This model comes in both styles i.e plunge and fixed bases. You can also easily change the speed as it is variable speed router. You can set the speed according to your requirement.

If you are looking only for the fixed base router then Porter-cable 7518 should be the only choice of a professional woodworker. This is amazingly a powerful router with innovative power tools, efficient and powerful. You can easily get the control on the working of this router with little practice and it will pay back with its efficient work.

Porter-Cable 7518 router is equipped with a 15 amp motor which helps in cutting the tough wood and it will provide you consistent RPM for better cutting and greater finishing. You can operate Porter-Cable 7518 at 5 different RPM speeds which are 10K, 13K, 16K, 19K and 21K RPM.

This is a user friendly router which is fun to operate because of its wide base and power, that is why it is ideal for different wood operations. Some low-quality routers produce more vibrations which are difficult to handle, but this Porter-Cable 7518 runs very smoothly and don’t produce vibration. You can adjust the depth precisely and accurately due to which it provides excellent cuts.

Overall Porter-Cable 7518 is the best choice but it is large than the standard size and price of this router is slightly higher. Apart from these two things, overall this is the best router for your woodwork.

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