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Punishment for Illegal Trading of Falcons in Pakistan

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has started an awareness campaign with cooperation of Govt of Pakistan for safety of falcons in Pakistan. The purpose of this campaign is to discourage illegal trading and hunting of falcons in Pakistan.

Banners are pasted at different airports of Pakistan on which it is mentioned clearly that there is more demand for falcons in Middle East because of hunting and traditional game falconry. The illegal trading of falcons is danger for their survival so a person involved in this activity may be penalized up to one million along with 2 years imprison.

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WWF manager told BBC that the purpose of this campaign is to formulate measures to eliminate illegal trading of falcons and to create awareness in general public. They said that some time people take their animals/birds with them unintentionally but they don’t know that they are contributing toward this illegal trading of such animals/birds.

WWF says that as per research for the last 15 years, the quantity of falcons is decreasing gradually and 46 falcons were hunted in year 2015. They told that royal families from Dubai, Kuwait, Qatar and Saudia Arabia come to Pakistan in winter and set their camps for hunting. Complaints have been received to hunt these precious wild animals during their stay here in Pakistan.

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