What to consider while decorating Kids Room

Decorating your kid’s bedroom can be difficult for you as they have very specific perception about decoration. These perceptions are inspired by many things like fairy tales, cartoon character and someone his /her favorite. All kids have different taste and inspiration. You want to it to be as location your little one loves and wants to spend time in on the other hand, you want or provide your kid a practical and useful place. So a balance of childlike imagination is required to decorate your kid’s bedroom.

Though, all families are different, and all children are different also. However, basic design principles for kids rooms are similar which are as under.

1. Need of Personal kids rooms

Personal room or personal space is essential for each child. It can be kids rooms or just small corner, portion for kids to rest, study or leisure. These Kids rooms or special places should be bright, warm and comfortable.

2. Age appropriate kids furniture

Furniture belong to adults is entirely different from kids lifestyle and is not suitable for little ones. Furniture for kids room should be of moderate size. Kids room design, including bed, study chair and table should be according to age.

3. Perfect layout

Position of bed, chair, study table and other accessories should be well positioned, this will help to make perfect layout and a good combination.

4. Personal decorating style

Each child has his own personality, habits and taste. Furniture, Interior designing and room decorating choices should must represent a child’s personality. Interior decorating, furniture, colors, decor accessories and storage shelves should be nice, comfortable and interesting for children.

To incorporate this element, parents need to know what kind of designs and interior decorating ideas their children need. Choice of children at different ages is also different.

5. Must add element of safety and simplicity for kid room

Interior decorating ideas for kids rooms, furniture and decor accessories should be safe, simple and easy to use. Parents need to remember they are decorating room for kids, not for themselves.

Furniture for kids rooms should not be luxurious and costly. It has a lot to take over the years, so safety, simplicity and functionality of furniture for kids are important elements of designing enjoyable and comfortable interiors for kids. Kids are alone at their room so safety is very important, bed rails and padded carpet are helpful in this regard. Breathable material should be used in Pillow cases.

6. Kids Room Lighting

A room with good lighting ensures healthful eyes and efficient usage of room. A combination of lights as LED lamps, ceiling lights and study table lights are important. Natural lights brings freshness and warmth, so provide enough sunlight for study and play during day hours by fixing windows at  correct position. This will also help fresh air to come in.

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